Take a quick Office tour. Update .. 
- Welcome to Digital Economy. Reach out to huge customers. Sell any where, every where, any time, out of small & limited space of store. In a survey, Cloud + Mobile main technology in Digital Economy will be accountable for 30% -> 40% of Total Revenue, and keep increasing.

Office Digital Menu by design first and only in the world.
Only Office Digital Menu built in
mobile order and integrate in mobile.
2015 - 2017 All-in-one Office, Office Digital Menu All Rights reserved.

- For the records: By Design:
- AMAZON GO is the first Digital Retail Just Walk Out.
- Office Digital Restaurant Store is the first Digital Coffee Store, Food Restaurant Just Walk Out.
-> The future of millions Restaurant & Store:
Mobile + Cloud sell anywhere out of limited small store. Customers can Just Walk Out. No Cashier Pos. Pick-up/ Delivery fast. Data Analytics + Operate efficient & automation & fast. Save Time & Money

NOTE: We have all the Technology Mobile + Cloud to build Just Walk Out, Digital Restaurant, from a -> z. Don't waste Time & Money for  Developers, Consultants, who Talk but No Action. Easier said than Done. We began to Research, Design, Code, Build this Cloud + Mobile Technology many years ago. => As a result, we have developed Just Walk Out Digital Restaurant. We learn so much experience. Office by design, not just for Restaurant, for all kinds of businesses.

Contact: ddanpros @ hotmail. com - NetthruOffice @ gmail.com ( sent both ) - Click here see Plagiarism
-> If you dispute our claim, then email us, show the world your Technology like AMAZON GO, or we show All-in-one Office.


- Manage every order

-> The new Cashier Pos.
-> Relax + Do nothing. Office already
-> Manage whole operation efficiently
-> The 1st
Just Walk Out Restaurant.

- Mobile Order.
- Pickup / Delivery
- No Line-up

- Tradition Cashier Pos in 50 years
Very busy finger look-up price & input data in sys, calculate Bill + Print receipt. A lot of work back & forth.
- The New Pos don't do this.

Quick Follow Content:

- Tour Office  (Feb -2017)

- Office Order Management  (Feb -2017)

- Office Card  (March/ 2017)

- All-in-one Office (March/ 2017)

The challenge of Mobile Technology today is How to make it work for all devices, all platforms, all OS. -> OR else you satisfy only 1/2 of customers use only that device. => We have seen even big companies a lot of resources & money built mobile technology satisfy only 1/2 customers. As small & medium businesses, you need a product that work for 2/2 all customers .

 All-in-one Office works in all devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Samsung Galaxy smart phone, Windows Tablet, Android, Samsung Tablet ...

A customer said :"- I live in big city for more than 20 years. Eat a lot restaurants big & small. But I rarely can order using my Smartphone when at Home, in Office, in Parking ... make order and Pickup simple like this. Pick-up / Delivery helps increase revenue at least 25% - 35%. It translates $125,000 extra sales if store revenue = $500,000"

Another customer said :"- I order by phone. I back & forth, miss communication with the staff about ordering food Items . Then staff take & process my card number - I worry if bad staff steal card info. Sometimes,  Take so long + Busy, no pick-up phone. A waste Time & Money for customer & business. I never Order by Phone again." That's why business don't have customers order by phone.
=> Today, Home based business almost order by phone. Make difficult for customers place orders by phone + Customer don't give out credit card info + No reach out to Customers in different community + Cost a lot of money to print Product Catalog + No marketing .=> Thus sell less.

=> Office Digital Menu helps Sales & Marketing & Promotion + Nice showcase Product Catalog right there + Sell fast & convenience + Reach out to many customers + Like Sales & Marketing Executive 24/ 7 + Keep tracking orders + Much better than Order by Phone a waste of time & money.

- A small business said :- Big Starbucks has recourses & money can build such advanced Cloud Mobile Technology for customers. As small business, we thank All-in-one Office helps us leverage the power of Cloud + Mobile run business more efficient, at simple, easy and best price. To modernize, business needs a tool, can't modernize by just talking, no action."

- Another small business said :- In any country, there millions small businesses, 90% are small businesses, small enterprises. Small business creates most jobs. If each small business applied Cloud + Mobile Technology increase more sales, operation more efficient, thus each would create an extra job. -> Which means A lot of jobs created + more tax revenue for Government. Government, Businesses Take Action, create a plan.  Help business modernize in Digital Economy. 
The majority of small businesses wanted Modernize and Innovation. 90% of small businesses didn't have resources, people to implement Mobile + Cloud for their business.

Give Customers new Experience.
"- ... The option lets customers order their coffee in advance, pay for it electronically and pick it up in the store, skipping the line ... Receipt also printed on the pick-up. "
According to Starbucks, it generates 25% - 30% of revenues.
NOTE: Starbucks - a multi billions Company, with tens of thousands coffee stores world wide, provide customers order like this in recently. See video Starbucks order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-nLMO1iq0

NOTE: - The woman place order already has StarBucks Card fill on her phone, like Office Card. She paid by StarBucks Card. See on video, her StarBucks Card: My Card (1335) = 10.43$, like Office Card.

=> Use Office Card -> Place Order -> Paid by Office Card -> Pick-up or Just Walk Out. - A business used Office, their Customers buy Office Card online, in store, paid by Credit Card or Cash.

- Use Office Mobile Order, customers can paid by Cash, Credit Card, Pay Pal, Office Card.
Update: March, 2017
A Story
- Market value: 83 Billions
- 25000 locations worldwide.
- 240000 employees worldwide.
- Rev: 19 billions.
- Even that big, still try to modernize best Customer Experience: Mobile + Cloud.

- Even big Coffee Business needs Innovation & Technology ran like high tech company.
It has new CEO, Kevin Johnson effective in April, 2017. He came from Technology background. -> Which mindset will likely modernize & use Technology. - According to CNBC:- " ... Mr. Johnson has led efforts to integrate Mobile + Cloud into Starbucks' customer experience and operations.".
- Mr Schultz, who build Starbucks from few stores -> 25000 stores, said that :" -  Also touted Johnson's technology experience, which Schultz expects will be able to be used to enhance the consumer experience."

In modern time, company needs modern leadership.
-> Starbucks 25,000 stores,16 billions in revenue, but still not satisfied, still needs to adapt Cloud + Mobile Technology.
=> Mr. Schultz as Chairman, under leadership, who built Starbucks, nothing few stores to 25000 stores, and doing very well. Mr. Schultz had wealth of experience building & growing stores from nothing to 25000 stores. -> Mr. Schultz used to build business by Tradition. But he recognized today Digital Economy, Technology has changed the way to run business. That's why he hired Mr. Johnson's background in Technology as CEO to modernize company.

Small Businesses must be more aggressive use Mobile & Cloud Technology to expand business, like big business. Which doesn't cost a lot of money like open another location. => 90% of Small Businesses after 15 years still a small business one store.

Replace Order by Phone with Office Digital Menu, Mobile, Cloud order.

- Business Order-by-Phone: Back & Forth with customers. Order could take long time + Take card info + Process credit card. Customer call in -> Staff on Phone busy, no one pick-up. Customers drop.
- Customers: - Disclose credit card info to a strange store is no good. Back & Forth communication. That's why less customers order by phone today.


 Tour Office
Case Study 1 Pickup / Delivery:

A customer used smart phone iPhone or Android Samsung -> Make order use Cloud + Mobile online  -> Pay select Office Pay from  [Pay] menu -> Fill contact info -> Then
Pickup after 6pm. DONE!

->  Let's do this. The challenge:  Data Analytics + Cloud Print
-> We design
no jump back & forth many screens. Only at one screen
-> Simple & easy, not many steps =
 1) Buy -> 2) Pay -> 3) Ship

- Reduce Order by Phone = Phone ring, back & forth, miss communication, take & process card number, waste Time & Money for customer & business. Some orders take so long + Busy no pick-up phone.

Cloud Print = Print anywhere, every where, inside store, outside store, thousands miles away on the beach, at home .. Not just print inside store.

- Light, fast, resource efficient, only data embedded Client (thin Client), not heavy like other enterprise technology, 3-Tier Architecture, built-in mobile, MVC, enterprise large scale, solid Foundation Framework. Good for Cloud.
1) Open App icon on mobile -> Add item in Cart, like: Regular Ticket Show 30$ + ...NOTE: dm = Office Digital Menu - website of restaurant - Search Google.
That's it. Simple and easy.

- Order in store, online, very fast ->
Just Walk Out.
- Easy use Gift Card in store, online. Only 6 characters.
- Staff, Customer check all orders, $$ Gift Card online
- Buy Gift Card 20$, 30$, 50$ ..online, in store.
- When Buy, show history of all orders this card.
- We make best use of Gift Card.

              1) Buy

- The fastest order: Add Items use Left Group Menu
-> Pay by Gift Card -> Done! ->
No Office Pay + No fill form.
-> You can order Gift Card online right here, or in store.
Click on Left Group Menu -> Gift Card -> Select Gift Card from $30, $50, $80, $100. ->
Have Gift Card = A return result  Random Number like 21780. - Use this Gift Card Number when buy something in/out store, online. No need card -> When buy use Gift Card, Office return Result of remain money on card.  Office keeps track all orders used by Gift Card. Customer/ Staff enter Card numbers -> List all orders used by this Gift Card .
- Gift Card is most important Tool used by business.
- Gift Card in Office is only a number use anywhere.
-> Pick up order -> Pay Gift Card -> Done! No Office Pay + Form.
-> In store order food
-> Pay by Gift Card -> Eat -> Just Walk out.
Office lets Staff + Customer Just type Card Number -> List all orders. Customers said this feature made them buy Gift Card. Not see in other sys.
No manually hand Calculate + can't Keep track Gift Card orders

= Empty Cart

- A pull down menu.
- A lot interesting features. Secret. Can't disclose
For example
, - Check $$$ and History of Gift Card. -> Type Gift Card code, like, w2p4e5. Done!

- Open & Hide Left Group Menu for more space

- Refresh screen
- When user zoom in/out, swipe back & forth, click [Refresh] put screen back to normal, at Home position like see here. - After touch button [Buy Now] will put back this Home screen.
Then select Pick-up [Shipping]

2) Then Tina click on icon [<- ->] to open Group Menu -> Select Shipping Group Menu -> Select 350 - Customer Pickup, after 6pm

NOTE: The Admin website used Office Product Tool to create different Option for Pick-up.
- Pickup : Call me -> for different customers in need hurry up, don't want in-line. After done, text, email, or call customers. They don't want come pick-up, and wait inline again.
- Pickup : After 6pm -> for customers don't need hurry up, so that business can prepare fresh food close to 6pm.

 2) Pay -> Automatic popup Office Pay for customer pay 1) Thru Pay Pal -or- 2) Thru  Debit/Credit Card Form
 Then Tina click [Pay] -> Select Office Pay (online) -> Paid
NOTE: Tina can choose: 1) Pay through PayPal - OR - Used 2) Direct Payment Form, not through Pay Pal ( See Office Pay ).

Chose Pay by Gift Card -> No need Office Pay + Fill Form Pickup. Done! Very quick & fast. Done order.- Office Pay used for online payment only. When customer not in store.  
NOTE: Office Pay can use camera zoom in take photo of your Card Number and put in input field *Card Number. Don't need type many numbers.
-> Just tap on field *Card Number will see camera.

---- About Office Pay --------

Office Pay has been used as stand alone, and integrated in Office Product Lines together with Office Digital Menu, Office Pos ... Office Pay is used for online payment when a customer buy online and pay online.

Click See Office Pay Case Study:

For example,  When Customer in Store, then pay Cash/ Credit Card at counter, cashier. - When a customer not in Store, buy online Product Items, or buy Office Card online, from Office Digital Menu, then will Pay by Office Pay. Customer will choose:

 1) Pay by PayPal : After done Add-to-Cart -> Select [Pay] at Office Digital Menu -> Select Pay By Office Pay (for Online. Not By Cash, By Credit Card like in Store) -> Total 55.37$ from Cart pass to Office Pay -> At Office Pay, Fill required Data (*) like Amount, Name, Address, Email, Phone. Touch [PayPal] button on Office Pay see Pay Pal website (see photo =>) ->  Fill only Card Number, Expire, CSC at PayPal website. Other Data like Amount, Name, Address, Email, Phone pass from Office Pay to Pay Pal. No need enter again. No need login PayPal account even had -> Touch PayNow. Done!
- Choose PayPal because some customers already had Pay Pal account, just Login & Pay. Very fast.
- Or Customers don't trust business owners (strangers online) collect credit card info like choose Pay by Credit Card's Form.

 2) Pay by Credit/ Debit Card:
Touch [Credit] button on Office Pay -> Fill Card Info at Office Pay Form -> Pay. Done!

Like StarBucks, customers buy StarBucks Card online choose to pay by Pay Pal or pay by Credit Card. Business like their own Card (Gift Card) because:
- No line up
pay Cash at Cashier, no swipe, touch Credit Card at card machine. Thus fast, good for Mobile Order Pick-up & Go.
- No repeat fill credit card info again when buy online.
- No Credit Card Transaction Fee. No other Fee.
- Convenient than Cash. Used in/out store. No trip go-to-bank withdraw money when need. -> This reduce 50% people go to store.
- Easy Sell Card many ways. Easy Buy.


Office Pay pay direct not thru Pay Pal
- Click [DebitCredit] button
-Total Amount $55.37 from Cart automatic put in *Amount field. Customer touch [DebitCredit] button not [PayPal]-> Enter Card info -> Click Pay Now.
- Office Pay -> After finish Add-to-Cart, Select [Pay] at Menu -> By Office Pay (For online. Not By Cash, By Credit Card in Store) -> Total from Cart = 250$ (in this case not 55.37$ ) pass to Office Pay -> Touch [Pay Pal] button open Pay Pal site like this -> Fill Card info -> Paid.
- Customer just need to fill credit card info at Pay Pal Mobile Form. And Pay. No need login Pay Pal account. - Or Login their Pay Pal account.

- This is Pay Pal on Mobile.

=> Pay by Office Pay on iPhone
- Touch [PayPal] -> Pay at Pay Pal site.
See photo.
- Touch [Credit] -> Pay by Fill credit card info -> Then touch PayNow to pay. See photo.

Office Pay collect Data when it is used, Pay by Pay Pal, any Pay

Because Office Pay also need
Collect dada and Analyze data, Track data too for its own use, like Who Paid, When Paid, How Much, Invoice, Total Pay from Date to Date, Customer Info, Contact ...
After Customer fill data, Office Pay submit these data to Pay Pal website, customer no need enter again. 
- Customer only need enter
Credit Card Number at Pay Pal website.
- Fill require Data
(*). Option Data no (*) no fill.

Office Pay:
Customers Fill Data (*). Auto fill data fast. When type: dan -> Auto load all data in form. First time enter. Next time no enter.
-> Touch [PayPal]
-> Submit Data from Office Pay to Pay Pal website.
-> At PayPal website, Fill Card info. PayNow. Done!

<== See Pay Pal website on mobile


After paid, Office Pay will inform Office Digital Menu this customer already paid.
If not paid, then customer can't submit info Shipping + Not Cloud Print


     3) Ship only after paid with Office Pay. Done! Finally, Cloud Print receipt for customer + prepare food

- Then Tina click on icon [Shipping] -> Popup a form to fill Pick-up  info. -> Click Submit button.

NOTE: Office Digital Menu will check database if Tina already paid. If not, she can't submit because button Submit disable.
- Done!  Email also sent to customer if customer provide email
=> This Pickup steps same as for Delivery.

- Office Digital Menu knows Tina paid or not Paid -> So that she was allowed to fill Pick-up / Delivery info. And Office Digital Menu do Cloud Print receipt.

=> We will show here a tour from Tablet View point of A customer order when in store. The above is  snap shots view of smart phone .
=>Then show you Office Order Management. It is used by boss, manager at home, anywhere see orders coming in use Smart phone, Tablet. See order DayTime  of that order .
- And OM has Summary End of Day Sales, such as, - Total Sales - Tax - Total sales by cash - Total sales by Credit card, Gift Card, Total sales by Office Pay of Today - Best product selling of the day. - Un FullFill Orders ( not paid yet) - Void (cancel) - Orders, Partial Paid orders ... Orders Pick-up Today - Orders Delivery today. Detail of Customer Info for Delivery, Pickup like: Phone, Address, Detail of Product Pick-up/ Delivery ...
So that business can keeps up with Pick-up / Delivery products on time - No forget because too busy. - For example, Tina pickup a bunch of order items today at 6pm -> Do you remember & prepare?
- At home, in office, in store... when an order coming, you can see appear in Office Order Management on your smart phone. Only for Admin Staff need LOGIN

=> More Data Analytics -> Use Office Database. => Without Office, business will struggle overloading data & information every day.  ->
Waste of Time & Money.

Office Order Management helps any staff manage every order. No need POS system.

Office Order Management on smart phone, tablet mobile.

- Swipe & scroll number row get records quick, like Google Search. Display 20 orders / index number. Show latest sales orders today first.

- When there is an order, you see here instantly where ever you at Home, on Vacation, in Office... -> Click on Order Number for detail of order. Click on button [Today Sum] will show total summary today. ( we will show later soon )

=> All-in-one Office helps Sales & Marketing & Promotion + Nice showcase Product Catalog + Sell fast & convenience + Reach out many customers + Pick-up / Delivery + Gift Card Management + Like Sales & Marketing Exe Take orders 24/7 + Pos Keep tracking orders + Data Analytics + Mobile ..

No Pos does like this Multi-Tasks on the market right now.
Even fast order Pick-up + Print receipt, skip line use Mobile -> Big like multi billions StarBucks test & use for their stores recently. -> Office already had this Technology Cloud + Mobile ready for businesses.

- No time for business. Headache!
- Run business not efficient.
- Waste Time & Money.
- Lost Data, lost Customers, lost Money (
Employee & Customer) don't even know.
Can't keep up data. Sit & Think!

- This Manager boring same stuff ? -> Wake up in Digital Economy fast. Businesses begin use Cloud + Mobile, you still in tradition. => Give your customer new Experience.

- Not many POS system give you Order Management on smart phone

=> See View from tablet      View from Laptop

- Touch on button [Today Sum ] Office Order Management

- Order Pay by Gift Card fastest.
-> Customers place order use Tablet / Or Staff take orders for them: Add items in cart -> Pay by Gift Card -> Eat -> Just Walk Out. ( Like take orders use paper bill.)

-> Every order must be verified by a Staff, Manager, Boss. It begins = Unfulfilled -> After customer Paid, staff just touch button = Paid.

The simples & fastest order Pos in the world.
In store, Customers ( or Staff ) place order use Tablet or Smart phone: - Add items in Cart -> Select Pay by Cash or Credit Card. DONE!
Then Office collects all Order Data, Sales data, Product data, Employee Data, Customer Data, Price .. for Bill Calculation, Analytics, Pick-up, Order Management, Print Receipt  ... in 1s. Tradition back & forth could take 5 min = 300s + less Data.
( -
In store = skip Office Pay, Fill Form - Fastest order pos in the world - we show Mobile Order above, Tablet same as Mobile. )

-> Then, Order 1059 saved in system, appear on Oder Management instantly. Order 1059 = Unfulfilled -> Food served. -> Then just like that Office collects so many data than tradition service Paper Bill + Everything, bill already calculated + Print receipt. See order use mobile above. When in store, no Office Pay + Fill Form.
-> Then, Customer paid Cash or Credit Card @ Counter -> Staff has a Tablet or smart phone
1-touch button switch order = Paid like in picture. That's all Staff does. (Only Pay by Gift Card customer just walk out).

-> This applied for Pick-up, Delivery
already paid. Just to make sure all orders been Reviewed & Verified by a Staff, Boss using smart phone or tablet at Home, Head Office, or later at night.. have Login Access to Office Order Management ...

- Use Office Digital Menu, Customer or Staff: - Add Items in Cart -> Select Payment -> Done! (see pics above.) ... Then ...
-> Then right away, Office collects a lot data. Everything, Bill calculated and Cloud Print receipt like this receipt, including add Coupon under. Make Receipt = Coupon.
Staff: - When customer pay at Counter by Cash / Credit Card, Staff use OOM turn but [Unfulfill] -> [Paid]. That's all Staff does! No need Pos.


- Cashier: - How long take you input data in system this order from Paper Bill?
- Server:  - How long take you this order from Paper Bill?
- Business:  - Waste Time & Money every day.

- Office Digital Menu
by design first and only in the world. It takes us so many years of hardwork. Any copy cat will not allow and not acceptable.

2015 - 2017 All-in-one Office, Office Digital Menu All Rights reserved.

- We learn not Plagiarism when a kid in school.

NOTE: In class, when teacher said no plagiarism, doesn't mean students are plagiarism. https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/

 Contact: ddanpros @ hotmail. com - NetthruOffice @ gmail.com ( sent both ) 
- If you dispute, please sent both emails - Subject: We dispute your claim

- Of course, we open & collaborate & improve
R&D on Technology. What you see at our website is only a part. There are more we don't show.

Flash of Genius:
A movie True Story, about a company stole idea, the Ideas & Design, from a College Professor, Bob Kearns. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1054588/

"- They don't understand the meaning of many years of time, money, and hard work."

- While critics said when he lost Job, in financial difficulty, he should accept compensation from a Big Car Company. But he refused.


- Pay Cash & Credit Card @ Counter.
- Pay by Gift Card just walk out
- Only need: Office Digital Menu Tablet + Office Order Management @ counter. - No Pos expensive Pos hardware & software.
After Staff or Customer place order -> Add order in Cart -> Select payment. Done!. Then everything, Bill already calculated + Print receipt. Order calculated & analyzed in detail, saved in system. + Get more data / order than take order in tradition.
- Just use smart phone or tablet with Office Order Management to manage orders.

-> Tradition Pos + Cashier

-> Need a Cashier
to keep track orders, input data from Paper Bill, match price, Item ID, specially when orders with many items, collect few data, , Paper Bill ($$) back & forth, hardly manage Pick-up/ Delivery, Order by Phone. Human error when busy.
- Use Office -> When  Customers paid By Cash or By Credit Card @ Counter -> Cashier just needs turn button from [Unfulfill] -> [Paid]. Cashier more productive, do more other tasks, save Time, easy for her.

- Small Business needs Sell more + Reach out more customers + Mobile + More efficient in order to survival and growth.

- StarBucks very big still leverage technology. Even so, it has new CEO came from background Technology. -> Which will likely modernize & use Technology.
Out going CEO Schultz, also touted Johnson's technology experience, which Schultz expects will be able to be used to enhance the consumer experience.

This example Order Management (Order List ) from a big company. This Design will not fit on smart phone! Work only on Laptop or iPad, Tablet. Will not work on mobile.

=> And thus, the cost more Money, more Time, over budget design for Apple iPad, iPhone.
Then cost more Time & Money design another same App for Android Tablet & Phone.
Then cost more Time & Money design for Window Tablet + Phone ..
=> That's why good company like
Vend Pos design work on iPad only. No work on Mobile.
=> Waste Time & Money.

=> Need get computer scientist experience in both
Cloud + Mobile to re-design so that work every where.

- Can't run on Window Tablet -> The same applied for Smartphone

- Can't run on Android, Samsung Tablet -> The same applied for Smartphone
=> Mark Zuckerberg built Start-up Facebook in his small room. 

-> This small start-up built product that big multi billion hi-tech companies like Yahoo, tens of thousands employees, can't build. And Yahoo wanted to buy when still small start-up 1 Billion.

Ask Silicon Valley Investors -That's why Silicon Valley constantly in search for new Start-ups in basement, garage..

- Why work only iPad, not Android, Windows Tablet? -> That's why most POS systems today called ** iPad Pos. Because runs on iPad only. Can't run on Android, Windows Tablet & Smartphone **

Why don't they continue to build on other platform, devices, like Android? - Cost money. Hire new developers to design on new devices, new platform.

- Why Vend Pos not work on smart phone, like Office Digital Menu, OOM ..? - Only used for small Snapchat dash board data statistic like Today Summary.? No Order Mobile App like ODM.

-> Respectfully, just wonder Good Global Technology Company like Vend expert on POS, but design not good.

-> Software design should have same format, same look & feel, same screen, work same on Cloud and Mobile, work across devices, tablet, smart phone, laptop, like Office Order Management screen fit in, even more data, sane look & feel on Tablet, same as on smart phone.

=> This huge market 35 millions small businesses in US & Canada. 0.5% of this market -> Company value at multi-billions dollars. => Businesses today in Digital Economy begin to modernize their business full potential, applied Cloud + Mobile Technology, Internet of Things..

- Office has Order in detail each Item  in an order, like Office popup order 1054
- Office Mobile Order Management = More data ,
Gift Card, Pick-up, Delivery ...+ Photo Products, Photo Employees, Photo Customers

- You swipe & scroll number to get records like Google Search.
- Touch 49 -> latest 20 orders. Then touch 48 for descending lower 20 orders ... Use finger swipe number row for more numbers in lower to ... 1. Click 1 = orders from 20 -> 1. This way very fast.
Of course, you can Search orders. Just enter order number, or Search by Date: Month, Year
- T10 / S5 -> Restaurant Table 10 - Seat 5 tracking seat. But track table good enough -> Staff can see this order 1059 of customer eating at table = 10 -> Just for demo, we put default Table 10.

-[ E-Pay ] =
1 touch Text/ Email Send Office Pay to this customer for payment
-[ Print ] =
Print receipt this order - OR - Email receipt this order to this customer.

=> See View from Laptop


1) - Pick-up / Delivery is already pick-up / delivery when button status = paid - Else = unfulfill. At Office, the manager, boss, look at the button from [unfulfill] -> [paid], know instantly that driver had delivered that order. Same for Pick-up.

- unfulfill = this order not completed, pending. Customers in store not paid yet.

=> Office Order Management helps store
track Pick-up / Delivery which one is already Pick-up/ Delivery, or Not

=> All staff needs to do is turn button status.
( see pic OOM smart phone turn button 1055 )

=> Today Summary Analytic just a touch of button any time.

- 1 Order = 1 paper bill
- Cost ave 5000$ / year for 2 x carbon copy Paper Bill
- Hard to manage.

2) The kitchen Chefs can use Office Order Management to prepare food. No need Paper Bill. Use tablet or smart phone, click on OD number see order in detail.

3) Inventory: When an order in -> The staff had access to OOM can see How many left in stock just in time for that Product -> Thus, Purchase from supply.

4) The Cashier: Use Office Order Management to track & manage all orders In /  Out. - When customer paid at counter, just turn [unfulfill] -> [paid]. Done! That's it. Simple task.

Story:- The Boss, the Manager knows every thing, every day, every where.

5) The Boss: Play Golf, in Hotel, on Vacation.. Use
Office Order Management by smart phone. Not depend on Managers -> Know everything Data about business. -> Then look at [Today Summary]. Use Office Order Management, even at Home, on Vacation, 24/7

- Boss knows everything about: Customers, Products, Employees, Revenue, Tax, Driver, Pick-up, Delivery, Inventory, Orders ...  A lot of bosses don't even know Total Sales, Total Orders ... of today = OMG.

- When play golf, this boss knows everything than bosses inside office. He said :- Looking at data often help me run business better, pay attention to business more.

- On vacation, know every thing. No depend on anyone. =>  Smart Boss.

-> From watching this delivery order [
unfulfill] + Date & Time -> Why Driver slow - Why this order slow or not Delivery?
- Inventory this Item low. Purchase more stock.
- Today Sales low,
not meet target 5000$ / day to survival - Need Mobile + Cloud. Do it!
- Staff Ng 's Tot Sales low.
- Customers like this Products.
- Mobile Sales order
up - Gift Card orders
- Why Tot Delivery / or Pickup = 5 but only 3 delivered / pick-up ..
( Tot Pick-up or Delivery = 5, but unfulfill = 2 ).
Rather reduce Priceno profit, or give Discount - Both like sugar people always ask more. -> Give Coupons bring customer back .
No more paper please!

- Smart Boss knew Sales Staff Ng low Sales?
- Because Sales Staff Ng used Office Digital Menu when Sell Onsite, In-house. All, each her orders made thru Office Order Management. This Boss even knew in details of each her order, her customer, delivery, Today Sales Data by 1-Touch of finger.
lost money, stolen money, because Don't Know, Can't Track Sales, Orders right away. Everything is seen in OOM..

6) Use Office Digital Menu where ever Sales Staff sell in-house, onsite, outside.

- Sales Exes uses Office Digital Menu in-house, onsite, anywhere.

7) Just Walk Out when Customers Paid by Gift Card.
Office by Design keep tracking & optimize for Gift Card. No need a Card swipe. No need Login. So easy to use any where, in-store, online, and 6-character generated randomly & unique as primary key in database, no duplication, easy for payment. Like = a4b8t5, w31qi4, 4qw2t - hard to guess than just 5 numbers -> lower case very fast enter. Simple. No Login. No card swipe = long time. Cost nothing & easy made Gift Card for business. Easy remember - Customers write down in paper or in smart phone.
Customers can buy Gift Card online, in store. Staff & Customers track History of Orders by a Gift Card Number online. - When buy, Office let you know how much $$$ remain in Card + History of all Orders by this card. -> This make customers trusted, Buy & Use Card more.

- Customers used Gift Card will Get Points - OR - Discount right away on pull down Menu Promotion = Discount 2$ if use Gift Card only for Pay by Gift Card. Customers can see it.
- OR - Customers in store -> Use Gift Card -> Order
coupon 1$ -> Just Walk Out.

- Like see from Amazon Go for Retail Store.

- Use Office, the Boss on vacation and do not worry about Employees, Orders, Customers, lost Data, lost Paper, lost Money.. Still manage their store well, even better than be in store 24 /7. The Manager can have [Today Summary] button all ** important data of today business ** just 1-touch. A lot Manages don't even know how much Today Total Sales, Total Orders - just 2 x data number. -> Wake up today Digital Economy.

Customer said

A store manager said :- I manage store 20 years. Office Order Management helps me track orders, which order no fulfill, paid. Track shipping delivery, pick up, know detail of each Item of Order to prepare for shipping/pick-up + address, contact info, anytime just touch Order Number like 1054. I manage each every order easily. I also see photo of products, photo and name of staff responsible for that order so that I can ask them. No more busy with customers order-by-phone back & forth phone ring, waste time, interrupted.
-> More Data Analytics,
I open Office Database to know more Data like:
- How much Total Sales of Products & Services of employee Jenny, Nguyen in Today, any Date, their Photo. - What Products & Services they sell or serve...

No system had like Office Order Management.
Never see anything like this. My job so easy now. Before I knew nothing, busy back & forth all day. But now, thanks Office, I know something.

** Update ** Thanks this manager. We continue improving Office. We will work on Inventory Feature -> Can see Inventory of that Product right away, when an order like 1054 in -> Manager touch 1054 -> Pop up like 1054. Then see Inventory of each Product Item ( just in-time, so that manager can purchase), like: Women Red T-Shirt, Inv: 40 = 40 items in stock .. like see Disc: $2 => Office Database has a whole Inventory Management System built-in for large complex business.
Inventory is the most headache for business, cost, delay order, lost customer, lost money ... Target Super Store closed business, lost customers because of Inventory.


Office Card is like your business's Digital Money in Digital Economy

Gift Card in Office: We take Gift Card **important Tool**. Other sys don't have features, by design of Gift Card not like Office.

- Tradition Gift Card: Buy a Gift Card in store. When Buy, need card swipe. Take long time. When check Balance + History need card swipe. => This is hard for customers to Buy online, Buy mobile. Can't check Balance + History mobile, online. Can't Just Walk Out. => Customers less buy gift card because of inconvenience

- Office Card is Digital Gift Card, Mobile + Cloud used for Digital Economy: - Just a 6 characters like mw218e, 2p4a4t
( For 100$, take 1 year to guess because has characters. 6 characters good enough for enter, fast payment, Just Walk Out. Take long time swipe card. ) .
Buy a Gift Card in store, online, mobile. Customers use Office Card, Buy anywhere, anytime. Just Walk Out. No need the card swipe. When check Balance + History online mobile anywhere. No need the card swipe. No cost for card machine, plastic card. Easy buy, then send/ text Office Card for birthday, gift to special person, special customers like coupon. Simple & easy.

We show you How It Works here.

- Gift card is the most important tool to do business, because when Customer Pay-By-Gift Card:

1) - Fast Order/ Just Walk Out: - Out Store, online: - Just Order and Pick-up fast. - In store, after eat = Just Walk Out.

2) No cost of Credit Card Transaction, like you paid 2.5% - 2.8% for Credit Card Rate, Transaction fee charged by other POS Companies, when your customers Paid by Credit Card.

3) Gift Card keeps Customer Retention, repeat business.

4) Gift Card easy Pay, easy Buy: - Than Cash, Credit Card, not go thru Bank Terminal Machine like Credit Card. No need go to Bank withdraw money like Cash. => Easy Pay. Easy Buy. When customer wants to eat,  buy services in store -> Must go to bank withdraw Cash -> Less likely they will do so.

- Customers Pay in store, online, offline, pay anywhere.
Think Gift Card = Your own issue Credit Card Money ( like your own VISA card) = You are the Bank, the Financier of your customers. => Thus, you can sell your Gift Card 100$ = 90$ worth of your services. => Thus, the more you sell your currency Gift Card to customers, both benefits.
For example, a customer paid service 50$ -> Both will pay fee for Bank. If you give A Loan = Gift Card to good customers, who will use your services -> Both will save a lot of bank fee.

Gift Card is like your own business's Digital Money. Many Businesses give Gift Card to friends, good customers -> Eat first, Pay later. Use First, Pay later - OR like Car Loan. Because Office helps them manage Gift Card Transaction efficiently.

6) Office Card helps increase revenue significantly if know How To Manage.

7) Office Card Benefits for Customers:
-> Customer can Track their Gift Card
anytime, anywhere, online. No need call in, in store, and swipe Gift Card to see balance + Order History like other sys.
-> + Fast Pick-up, Fast Order +
Just Walk Out no Line-up
-> + No go to bank withdraw Cash when go to Restaurant or Store. Always there.
Fast Pay. Fast Buy.
->+ Get Loyalty Point
->+ Don't Give Discount. But give Office Card.
Customer retention + Bring customer back store.
For example, Give FREE 20$ Give Card.
-> Better than give Discount, if no Discount they go somewhere else.
->+ Can Get Financier, no Interest, by Business ...
A lot of businesses offer: Eat First -> Pay later ( like VISA Card = Use First. Pay Later. ) But they use paper to track -> Lost money
- A Business said: - When a customer in store, I give / Text / Email ( or Self-Text = code always there ) her Office Give Card code = x32q5t = 50$. Just Use it. Pay later. We just sent Email Office Give Card a lot of customers, friends. We track their Office Give Card code -> Send them Office Pay. Or customers can pay any time online.
Thanks Office Card helps my business generate so much revenue. Keep customers. Reduce complex, costly Transaction Fee. It is easy to make, unlike plastic card, easy to manage thousands of Office Card -> I think Office Card is like my own business Digital Money in new Digital Economy. ->
easy Use, Easy Pay, easy Sell.
8) Office Card helps increase huge base Customers + increase Card Value + Save huge Credit Card Transaction Cost, extra fee =  2.6% -> 2.9% / transaction + increase Marketing By Exchange Gift Card with other businesses, only if you want.

For example, You Restaurant business, extend business with another Coffee business, with another Nails & Salon Business, so that all customers of each business can use Office Card in both, many businesses. Customers bought Office Card at your Nails & Salon store, will likely use Office Card at another Restaurant Store that in exchange with your Office Card.  => Thus increase & exchange more customers, more sales for each business + Your Office Card more value. => It is like each business introduce, reference thousands of their customers to other businesses, and VS. => Only Office Card allows Business + Customers use Gift Card efficiently by tracking transactions in both or many stores + Which Total Sales of Gift Card not from your store, so that you know How Much pay back money / m to that store. Easy tracking. Only Office Card knows How to Integrate with other Office Card!

- Business refers its customers to another business using Office Card. Use Office Card exchange with other businesses, like reference your customers to other Businesses, and VS. => Thus increase more customer base for each business. Only in Office.

- A Business said: - First, thanks to All-in-Office made Gift Card so easy & efficient to do business.
=> All-in-one Office, Office Digital Menu
... helps my business many things, from:
Cloud + Mobile Order, Sell more, Reach out, Expand business, Data Analytics, Gift Card ... As a result, my business  increase Sales 30% Revenue + Cloud & Mobile, Manage & Operate more efficient. + Enhance Customer Experience + Expand Business out of limited a small store => It is not just a POS system. It led all efforts Integrate and Modernize my business much better. Like having new CEO Mr. Kevin Johnson of Starbucks. Now I can hire extra employee. I can relax more. Work anywhere. So Integrated. Every thing for a small Price, while other systems so expensive, complex. No need expensive Consultant, Manager to Modernize + Integrate Technology & Business. Not just Talking, can see here. -> What have you done for your business lately? - Take action.

- A Restaurant Manager said:- I manage Food, Coffee, Restaurant Store for more than 20 years of experience. I can't imagine an efficient, easy managed, Cloud & Mobile, no Cashier Pos, Just Walk Out Restaurant in modern time like this. When people said:- Modern time, people go to shop, to eat and Just Walk Out. I laughed this is impossible and exaggerated. Now, it is possible. I feel dummy, for my 20 years old experience, not learning new experience. Only Computer Scientist background can design this kind of modern Restaurant. => AMAZON GO Just Walk Out Retail Store only AMAZON can afford. But Office Just Walk Out Restaurant, every one can afford.

- A customer said:- I am a regular customer of this Restaurant, this Coffee Shop. I bought its Gift Card 20$, Online, use my smart phone Buy Mobile Gift Card  while in Store right away. No need talk to store. Then ...bam.. I paid 20$ and just have exact 20$, code = x6w32q. I also get loyalty Points. Out store or in store, I use smart phone Place order -> Eat -> Just Walk Out. ( -> Office in 2nd in the world, after Retail AMAZON GO. - We need to recognize for company made efforts improve life, and prevent Plagiarism  .. ). No swipe card. No waste time to line line-up, specially during working hour. So fast & convenient. => Other customers see this quick & convenient, skip line-up, make them buy Gift Card more.

=> Now you are like a small Bank issue your own Gift Card, your own financing to your customers ->
You need an electronic Computer System like Office to Sell Gift Card & to Track Gift Card fast electronically for all thousands of Gift Card Transactions paid by customers, bought by customers. Otherwise, you lost money if use paper can't track thousands of Gift Card Transaction on Paper.

To make customers buy more Gift Card,
business must have Tool to manage Gift Card. Customer should be able to use their Mobile + Laptop + Tablet:
1)-Trace Order History of their Gift Card 2)-  When use Gift card for payment, Customer should Get Update Balance, Brief History of Orders of their Gift Card
right away.
=> If business sell Gift Card manually then they can't tell customer their Balance + their Order History of gift Card. Only computer system can do this.
Most businesses, most systems don't have these features.

Case Study -
How Office keeps track all data of Gift Card out/ in, and Gift Card's transactions. Can't Track with paper. Impossible! Tradition Gift Card check Balance must swipe card + Buy something must swipe card. Customers can't self-check anytime. Must call-in or in store swipe card. Inconvenience!

- A customer bought a Gift Card = 100$ online or in store on Feb 15, 2017, Order = 1030. After bought, Office gave Gift Card code, 6 characters = mw1231.

- Data of Gift Card Out = Gift Card sold to customers

Code ( Gift card Code) Value Date OrderID
mw1231 100 2017-02-15 10:30 1030

- Data of Gift Card In = Example Gift Card 's 4 Transactions made by customer used this Gift Card code = mw1231

GCID = Gift card ID of each Transaction.
- An auto increase number of all customer gift card transactions, when buy to make sure all of each gift card transaction is unique in system. This number could reach more than millions of transactions.
For example, a good business 10 stores could have apx 10.000 gift card Transaction / month in all stores. -> 100.000 / year -> 2 millions / 20 years. Not much. => Office can store & track tens of millions transaction records in 50 years. -> Back-end its Database is MySql, Oracle table contains hundreds of millions records.
(Gift Card Code
- Unique)
( Gift card $$ spent by customer)
Order ID
(Orders customer bought things by this gift card)
( Date of Orders customer bought by this gift card)
1 mw1231 10.50 $ 1030 ( Office Track detail Items, what she bought, this Order ) 2017-02-10 15:20 PM
9 mw1231 15.0$ 1035 2017-02-14 9:25 AM
15 = a gift card transaction mw1231 20$ 1039 2017-02-14 20:00 PM
18 ... mw1231 15.59$ 1042 2017-02-15 10:20 AM
- Business can delete a gift card, like Gift Card = mw1231, when the card is already used 100$, when Balance = 0.0 $,  any time. - Just 1-Click = hundreds of transactions + Gift Card Balance = 0.0$ = Deleted. No Need Refill like physical Card. Because Cost $$ made plastic card.
-> Office Card can buy anytime online. Easy! Not like plastic Card.

- We don't track Name + Phone, Email ...
Because customers in restaurant, Eat -> Go. We don't need to know their name ...

- Business like
Nails & Salon has Registered Customers -> We can track their Name + Phone + Address from their Order ID like 1035 ( InvoiceID).

=> That's why
customer bought Gift Card = No Need Name + Phone.. = Personal Info.
  ... IMPOSSIBLE for a human track all data just 1 gift card
on Notebook. Hundreds of customers used Gift Card like her.
=> That's why we said - Do business without Technology
-> Can't grow next level.

We need: -
Business do nothing manage Card. Let Office Manage Gift Card.

- Track all money spent on this gift card.

- Update $$ let customer know Balance after buy something.

- Track all Orders History of this Card. And provide data when customer need see.

- Track Detail Items in each Order ID like 1030 -> What she bought in that order 1030?

- Stop when Balance <= 0$

- We will show you here, like ODM.

- We want you sometimes to THINK.

- You don't see any Sys, Pos track like this.
Their System don't even have Gift Card Management.
Only a few may be?
=> Think Gift Card like Car Loan  -> Customer can pay small down payment with no interest. 100$ Gift Card can be paid 20$ / 5 month -> Easy Sell -> Easy Buy. => Office track customer down payment as well.

Office Card Benefits for Customers:
-> Customer can Track their Gift Card
anytime, anywhere, online. No need call in, in store, and swipe Gift Card to see balance + Order History like other sys.
-> + Fast Pick-up, Fast Order +
Just Walk Out no Line-up
-> + No go to bank withdraw Cash when go to Restaurant or Store. Always there.
Fast Buy, Fast Pay.
->+ Get Loyalty Point
->+ Can Get Financier, no Interest, by Business ...
A lot of businesses offer: Eat First -> Pay later. But they use paper to track -> Lost money.
- A Business said: - When a customer in store, I give her Office Give Card code = x32q5t = 50$. Just use it. Pay later. We track their Office Give Card code -> Send them Office Pay to pay. Or customers can pay any time online.= All benefits for customers.

=> Office even provides mobile to order, buy use Gift Card, and to Buy Gift Card, and to check Gift Card anytime, anywhere.

=> Customers can buy use Gift Card anytime, anywhere, in store, online. Just enter Gift Card Code.
No need card swipe.

** IMPORTANT ** -  Most Gift Card around 50$ => So customers not worry like Order By Phone -> Give Credit Card info.
That's why Businesses today use more Gift Card. Easy!  Because Office helps manage Gift Card efficiently -> Many Businesses give Gift Card to friends, good customers. -> Eat first, Pay later.
 Date of Purchase of Gift Card Transaction, using this gift card mw1231 buy something.

NOTE: These data generated automatically by Office when a customer Buy Gift Card - OR - When customer spent money on this Gift Card. => ** IMPOSSIBLE ** for a business manually write all data on paper, note book. And then Track + Sum + Calculation all data on paper.
=> In record GCID = 1, after this customer bought this gift card - Code = mw1231 = 100$ , OrderID = 1038, on Data = 2017-02-15 at 10:30 AM -> She then spent 10.50 $ for first transaction same Date at 15:20. Her Order ID for this Transaction = 1045. To know Detail of Order 1045 what she bought in Order ID = 1045, like: -
Item 1= Japan Soup + Item 2= Heineken Beer ... -> Just use Office Order management, click on number Order ID = 1045. => Human can't even Track for 1 customer 1 order. => This How Computer Scientist design software system

=> We will show you How to Use Office Card here .

Use Office Card: How to Buy Office Card, and How to Use Office Card.

Customers Buy Office Card
in /out Store / Online, any where, mobile -> Click on Gift Card left menu.

- Customer can buy Office Card with other item.
-> Just click on Gift Card left menu.
Code =q260ga
-> OR: Save code in system no need enter code.
-> There is a Office Card Tool allows business self-create Office Card with Code.

- No Tax for Gift Card, because customer use Gift Card buy other items will pay tax. Check your accounting for sure. ( - Can set Tax / No Tax for Gift Card). You can see above.
- If charge Tax, then you should do Promo reduce for customer.
-> You can do Promo on Gift Card. See example reduce 10% = 72$ for 80$ Gift Card.

Tip: Quick use Office Card Code. Never lost, easy use.

-> After get the code ->
Switch to Message -> Self-Text code your phone number in Smartphone
-> When use Office Card Code,
open that text message code -> Keep pressing on this message will see a popup -> Copy text Code to clip board -> In Office Mobile -> Don't enter code. Just press on Input code -> see Paste.
- OR -

Use both hand Press + hold Home button + Power button same time to capture screen on Smartphone, and saved in Gallery.

-> See Vend Pos is much faster than tradition PC Pos. But Both Pos still need Cashier + Pos finger look up & input data.

- This cashier used Vend Pos, very busy back & forth with so many customers' orders, tracking orders. Finger look up & input data in system in order to Calculate bill + Print receipt. And customer  waiting and Pay.

-> But Office Digital Menu is fastest, most efficient, cost no Time for Staff + Business. Staff do nothing.

- This staff Cashier used Office Order Management knows every order when customers have placed, and only Pay attention to customers. After customers finished, Pay by Cash / Credit @ counter. Give receipt to customers.
- Pay by Office Card Just Walk Out
-> Then she just turn button Unfulfill = Paid.
Everything already Done. Data already collected & input in system. Bill already Calculated + Receipt already printed.

- This is Laptop View - Click on |<->| open /close icon for Left Menu -> Click on Gift Card.

Office Card Code is a unique in system as Primary Key -> Math generated random -> Never duplicate.
-> Millions of codes in different combinations when combined number + alphabet characters. We could increase to 8,9,10 ..but 6 is enough.
-> It is much much safer than Order by Phone -> Give your Credit Card Info to a strange Store's staff.

- How Customers Buy Office Card & Use Office Card.

In store always Pay First : Select [ Pay ] -> By Cash, by Credit, by Gift Card ... -> Bill calculated + Print receipt -> Staff bring Food served -> Just Walk Out, if already Pay by Gift Card.

1) - Online, at Home, a customer buy Office Card:  - Add  Gift Card from Left Menu [Gift Card] in Cart -> Select [ Pay ] = Pay by Office Pay -> After paid, get Gift Card Code. Click see Office Pay = NetthruOffice.com/pos/officepay ( Use Mobile, Laptop, Tablet )

2) - In Store, Customer is given Tablet or Use Smartphone -> Add Office Card Item from Left Menu [Gift Card] + Other Food Items ( see pic ) in Cart ->  Select: [ Pay ] -> Pay by Cash / Credit Card -> Customer submitted, message on screen: Order Success! SubTotal.... DONE! That's it. No long waiting for service 15 min - 20 min in some restaurants . => Then Office Processing
Office Processing: Then .. bam .. Collect a lot Data + Analyze Data + Input Data + Bill calculated + Receipt printed + Knows this order has Office Card, Office give Code = b4670a - Order = 1244.-> Staff bring Food serve -> Finish, customer go to Pay Cash/ Credit @ Counter.

=> Staff see on
Office Order Management knows this order = $98.08, Unfulfill -> Pay by Cash, expecting him Pay Cash @ Counter, when this customer walk out the door. Staff Do Nothing, but pay attention to customers-> Check each orders, initial = Unfulfill.. Staff knows which order = Pay by Gift Card, Pay by Cash/ Credit.
-> A Cashier said: - I love it. My job now very relax, easy, no back & forth. But this is only one part of efficient Operation that Office helps. Office helps many other parts too, such as, Data Analytics, Cloud + Mobile Order.... All integrate into one system All-in-one Office.

DO MATH -> See new Digital Industrial Revolution working ...
- Human: On ave,
back & forth from start to end process each order = 5 minutes -> 100 customers /  day = 500 min = 8 hours = 1 Day.
- Office Processing: 5 s x 100 customers = 500 s =
8 min. => Multiply /day, /month..

- Office Processing: -> Collect a lot Data + Analyze Data +  Input Data + Bill calculated + Print Receipt. -> DONE electronically 5s Fast + Accuracy VS. Human.
NOTE: Human pick paper bill, look into it = already 5s.

- Most server take order needs: Write down, memory, association ...
In Traditional Restaurant.

Server comes your table -> Write Food order on paper bill + your Table #. Give 1 paper bill copy for kitchen prepare food -> Then bring Food to you -> After finish, you go to counter, staff knows which Paper Bill is yours -> Staff, look up on paper bill the Price each Items. Input data of Paper Bill into Pos System to calculate Bill. -> Print receipt -> You pay Cash / Credit -> Walk Out => Take long process manually.
* Whole Order Processing DONE by Staff *
- While Digital Restaurant, Office DONE almost every thing.
=> That's why,
we hear a lot of restaurant manages complain human error, miss up bill, lost bills, error calculation.. all the time, specially when busy. And that's why they need full-time Cashier, very important.

- Cashier looks up Item Price + Finger Input data from Paper Bill in tradition PC POS -> Print receipt. Everything DONE manually.

=> Compare both Office Digital Restaurant and Traditional Restaurant / order processing -> Then multiply hundreds of orders processing / day, thousands of orders processing every month.

3) When in store, a customers buy Office Card use @ Office Pay -> Paid by Pay Pal / Direct Form -> Got Gift Card code first.
-> Next, Select Food Items -> Select Pay by Gift Card -> Enter Gift Card Code ->  Receipt printed -> Staff bring food served -> Finish eating -> Just Walk Out.

- Pic: This customer used Office Card Check Balance & History
-> Then Place Order to buy items in the Cart right away just click [PlaceOrder]
-> Enter Gift Card Code in Input Box -> [Submit] -> Order successfully.

- A customer said: - I have a lot of cards. But don't see any card that provides my quickly check my History easy & simple, detail like this Office Card. Other cards, I need call in, or in store, or wait for end of month, or don't know to check History, Balance. Even worst, some small businesses sell gift card, write Gift Card, track on paper note book.
=> Data clear & transparency, Office Card made me want to use more.

- Tablet View: This customer used Tablet -> Check her Office Card Balance & Statement: [Pay] -> Check Gift Card History -> Made some orders.

Customer Buy Use Office Card. No need swipe card when Order and check Balance. No need statement paper, email ... Take toooo long => In Digital Economy, Time = Money. Fast.

To order, customer: Add items in Cart -> click  [Pay] -> Pay By Gift Card (Just Walk Out )
Enter code in popup dialog -> Touch Submit.

Tip: Text code i.e. xw21qt to your Smartphone message. -> To Copy text code xw21qt: open this message  + keep press on message, will popup, then Copy that code. In Office Mobile, press on Input code -> Past. DONE!

- A customer said: - I never see any design so easy to use. I used many Mobile order from big business, register, login, waiting activate card, back & forth, hard to use. This Office Digital Card use in just second. Check Balance + History right away. No Register. No Login. No Activation. I self-text Code in my phone. Easy use + never lost card. => When use Office Card Code, open that text message code -> Press on this message -> Copy text Code to clip board -> In Office Mobile -> Press on Input code -> Paste.
I will buy & use more Office Digital Gift Card.

- This video caption ON from a lady customer Order Mobile with Starbucks Card. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqnV_byHv24

=> Starbucks is one of the first big Coffee Super Store in the world that provides Customer New Experience Cloud + Mobile, and continues efforts to modernize their 25000 world wide Stores by having new background Technology CEO. Haven't seen like this in other big coffee, food, restaurant Companies. This is a model, an inspiration for every one, all businesses big & small.

- A Business said: So easy to Make, Manage, Sell Gift Card. Customer happy. Use more

-> Order successfully.
-> Look at Starbuck mobile order doesn't have Data Summary of Starbuck Card like Office Card.

This customer got update right away:
Brief History + Balance of Office Card
From Brief Order History, this customer know:
- Last Time Buy:
Not this buy but previous buy -> So that know if some one use their card.
- Time: 3 = This customer bough 3 times, including today order.
- Tot Spent = Amount already spent on this Gift Card, including today.
- Balance = Amount left on this Gift Card, including this today order.

 - To pay by Office Card: Add Item to Cart -> Pay -> Select Pay by Office Card -> Enter Code -> Paid.
- Office Card provides Data Summary after order successfully.
=> Both customers Pickup orders:
- This Office customer: Heineken Beer + Pho Fresh Beef - Total: $9.04 - charge on Office Card's Balance = 52.32 $
- That StarBucks customer: Short Green Tea Latte - Total: $4.33, charge on her StarBucks Card's Balance = 16.86$

- Order rejected. Over Gift Card balance.

Last Time Buy: - updated = 7:29 PM not 7:24 PM. Now is different. Is is last time of order just bought here.
-> See its pic of Last Time Order, here on this smart phone clock = 7:29 pm = 19.29, when order in 2rd pic, when .. Order successfully.

Tip: Quick use Office Card Code. No lost.

-> Self-Text
code your phone number in Smartphone
-> When use Office Card Code,
open that text message code -> Keep pressing on this message will see a popup -> Copy text Code to clip board -> In Office Mobile -> Don't enter code. Just press on Input code -> see Paste.

Use both hand Press + Hold Home button + Power button same time to capture screen with code on Smartphone, and saved in Gallery.


First Second Third

Customer mobile Check Office Card's Order History and Statement.

There is a Office Card Tool allows business self-create Office Card with Code.

- Customer check Office Card (Gift Card) History.
- A customer said: - I have a lot of cards. But don't see any card that provides my quickly check my History easy & simple, detail like this Office Card. Other cards, I need call in, or in store, or wait for end of month, or don't know to check History, Balance. Even worst, some small businesses sell gift card, write Gift Card, track on paper.
=> Customers can Place Order from Previous Orders in this Order List in new improvement.

- Faster Order: Re-order from Office Card History.
Open Office Card History: [Pay] -> Pull down list -> Select: Check Office Card History -> Enter your Office Car Code given when buy. See photo.
- Just touch on photo that item. It loads in Cart.

- Customer check Office Card (Gift Card) History:
=> Select [Pay] -> Check Gift Card History -> Enter Card Code -> See list.

=> He/she bought Order ID = 1086 -> See detail 3 items in this order/
- Sum all Price x Qty + 13% Tax = Tot Spent.
- This Office Card is 50$ value = Tot Spent + Balance
- Automatic scroll height display content. In this case just fit height.
- Mobile: - Width is always auto fit in. Height automatic will have scroll if over screen size

- Back on Top menu x