Office Pay - Multi e-payments - First Pay by Text on mobile.

- The first e-Payment use mobile smart phone. Of course, you can embed Office Pay link i.e. in email, then send email to hundreds of people's email. They read email message -> Click Office Pay link to pay on their laptop, or open smart phone browser, enter the Office Pay link, and Pay.

We use Cloud Technology + Mobile Technology -> Work in both environment.
We are hosting in a small inexpensive web server for testing. ***

Office Pay is the new E-Payment use URL ( web address). Simple & Easy Payment. Pay & Get Paid any where. No hardware, no device.

Office Pay hold vertically

1) Fill require field with (*) -> Click [submit] -> Next Screen 2)

Office Pay use Paid by Credit Card.

Scan Item: when you or customer take orders from menu. Ignore! option field
For example: 1x443,2x451s = Qty=1 x 443=Ticket for Show ABC,
=Qty-2, Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup small size
Customer Note: Note of customer about this payment, saved in database.

3) Pay Pal screen -> 1) If you had Pay Pal account, select [Log In] and Pay.

2) If don't have or don't want login or forget password -> Click [Pay with Credit Card..]

- All data saved for
Data Analytics.
For example, you can :- List all payments from Dan, including: Date & Time, Invoice #, Amount, Cheque #, Company, Customer Note ... of each payment. - How much Total Payment, Dan paid you?
- Pay Pal send
email invoice to you & customer after successful paid. If not, no email.
- Pay Pal server is huge, powerful, safe and secure. Your customers know Pay Pal safe & secure, and
your staff don't know or keep their credit card info. Only Pay Pal know.


Begin: Michelle text Dan a message to pay her 250$ for her service fee.

- This way short link is easier than tell client download App. Depend on situation, it works both Cloud App and Smart phone App. For example, look at Pay Pal App.

Final, fill data and click Pay. Done.

2) Click [ Pay Now ] button to 3) Pay Pal screen!


Office Pay Data Analytics than any Payment System
Tracking Data, Reporting, Listing, Calculating ... 
Which Office Pay does better than any one in 1-Click 5 seconds. Such as, 
-> List all payments, with detail Name, Amount, Date, Invoice... from 1, Jan - 30, March, any Date ?
-> Calculate sum Total of all payments in that period? 

-> List all payments, with details, like, Amount, Date and Time, Installed Payment, tracking update Office Note field (column), Balance, Sum Total Paid .. had made by Dan, by Helen, by Others?
-> Who is paid, not paid, how much still owed? - When Dan's last payment?" 

-> List all payments, with details of people bought tickets, their Name, Email, Phone, Amount, Invoice, Date & Time bought, Ticket Level ( Silver, Gold..), Total Sales .., for Saturday Show, Jan 15, 2016?
-> Calculate Sum Total Sales all Tickets. - How much Total Sales of Silver Tickets, Gold Tickets ? "
 => Office Database can export List of Customers to Excel for Staff print & checking. See Office Database. 
-> List all Donations ( or Invoice) from Suzan including Date & Time, Amount ... ? Her Total Donation, How many times ? When her last Time of Donation? - Top 20 Donors, including each Donor's Total Donation, Name, Phone, Email.. .. 
=> Can't do this with other payments, even Pay Pal.
-> Office Pay Data Analytics. Track payment. How do you know that customer paid or not. When? - Calculate Sum Total each Customer, and List all his/her payments. 
=> You need Office Pay + Office Database. Use it or not, Data ready just in case.
-> List Top 20 Donors, including each Donor's Total Donation ( or Invoice or Payment), Name, Number of Donation ( or Invoice, Payment), Contact Info ..
For example, row 1 = | 1 |John Smith | 850.0 | 5 | |123-345-8002| 


Office Pay Case Study:
CASE STUDY 1): Michelle's Service Business text Office Pay address to clients smart phone and Get paid Loan, Services. Both get email receipt if successful.

Michelle's Service Business has 2 clients owing her money. Helen, on vacation, owed $7000. Dan Ng owed $250.
Michelle Text (- Text always received, not email in junk mail ) their iPhone a Note + her Net.Office website's Office Pay Button Address (URL) like, Her clients, Dan Ng, used any smart Phone, click Office Pay address (URL) link -> Office Pay open in phone browser automatic -> Dan enter credit/debit card, happy paid.
=> Her clients, no need login, no create any payment account. No email. No back & forth.
=> Thus, she can do business, with 
Office Pay, and get paid, with her smart phone, anywhere in the world.

- Customer got text message -> Click on Office Pay link on text msg -> Pay. No say not receive email, lost in junk email, or afraid open email virus.

CASE STUDY 2): A business Sells Tickets. Customers use smart phone open Office Pay address of your Office website, enter few data + amount -> Paid. Get email receipt.

1 st Class Ticket = 80$ put at a stand sign at the door. Or Order in advance at home
Clients buy tickets, use any phone's browser-> Open this business's Office Pay URL = ( or Book Mark Office Pay URL - *1-Click open Office Pay* - no type )
-> Enter
Office Pay field: Fname, Lname, Phone, Email ( if have) Type field Invoice#: 2 x 1st Class Ticket-> Enter at field Amount = 160  -> Pay-> Receipt in email both business and customers. -> Customers IN music. => Sell more tickets, efficiency, smart.
If customer no email, then check their Name + Phone + Ticket match your email or in database system or paper. No customer complaining, no back & forth.
Faster than people in line.
 =>Who use Pay Pal Wallet, or any Wallet, credit/ debit card, have to wait in long line waiting -> To Pos Terminal machine -> Then tap or swipe & few press buttons -> Check-in.
** Addition benefit: => This business post Office Buy's Quick Buy Button sells directly to millions in Social Media. ** No need complex many steps check-out Shopping Cart @ website.
=> China launched new revolution called: -
Business Innovation -> Business grows and creates jobs. It just needs innovation.

- Customers use smart phone browser -> Open Office Pay link of your business Office website, type : -> Enter credit card to Buy Tickets less than 1 min -> IN. No wait in line. Office Pay quick & fast.
Office Pay saved data in database for Tracking & Data Analytics.

CASE STUDY 3): Tina provides Training Service. Students open Office Pay link of her Office website, i.e. to Register, Deposit in class. Tina get paid right away.

-> Clients used their tablet, smart phone open Office Pay link to enter their credit card info. Pay. Done. Tina & her Client get receipt in email. Office Pay's saved payment data in her website's Office Database. So that she could track who paid, who not, balance, install payment..

In the past, without Office Pay, she wasted a lot time back & forth to get paid. Sometimes she forgot payment. Can't keep track payments, balance, install payment. She lost Time & Money. => Office Pay, simple, fast, secure, saved Time & Money.

Office Pay saved data in database for Tracking & Data Analytics.
For example, Tina can easily :- List all payments made by John Smith, -OR- from date to date sorting by date order, showing Amount, Invoice, Date & Time, Customer Note

- Text or Tell clients your Office website =, and thus its Office Pay link =
Clients use smart phone/ tablet open Office Pay link address to Register, Deposit, Tuition fee right in class. You Get paid.
Office Pay saved data in database for Tracking & Data Analytics.

CASE STUDY 4): Anna's business sells products & services, also Take Order By Phone. HOW? - Use Scan Items.

- When customers phone in order. She opens its Office Pay web address in Tablet browser -> Take orders by phone + client's credit card info -> Fill form -> Submit. Invoice automatically sends to both seller and buyer. This is simple & quick Take Order. 

*CASE STUDY 5)* => Use Office Digital Menu Tablet Take Order By Phone: similar to Pay Pal Virtual Terminal Take Order by Phone. 

=> Office Digital Menu quick Create Invoice Receipt faster, because Product data already setup & stored in advanced in Product database. Thus when Take Order & Create Receipt, you just 1-tap put product item of order in invoice. Like 1-tap, take order in store. Don't need to manually type Product Item detail, its Item Id, Item Desc, Item Price in invoice, such as: - Soup 123 - Noodle Soup Beef Brisket with Fresh Rice Noodle Soup - Medium size - 7.5 $.. Thus save a lot typing. => Traditional Pay Pal Virtual Pos Terminal, because Pay Pal has no built-in Database, like Office Database, Product Database, you must type manually info of each product item in invoice, when Create Invoice. A lot of time typing, when an order has many Product Items. 
Office Digital Menu take order & create invoice is faster than Pay Pal Virtual Terminal costs 35$ US /month.
=> See video yourselves = 
Pay Pal Virtual Pos Terminal to Take Order by Phone. 

Pay Pal Virtual Pos Terminal take order by Phone 35$ usd / month. See video.

- Use Office Digital Menu take order by Phone like Pay Pal Virtual Pos Terminal.

CASE STUDY 6): Send Invoice fast and simple.  1) Text Office Pay link to smart phone - OR - 2) Send email with embedded link Office Pay  + Invoice Paper included.
Unlimited send invoice FREE. Some Internet Cloud Invoice Service Company charge: - Billing invoice less than 10 clients 15$/m - Billing invoice up to 30 clients 29$ /month - Unlimited send Invoice 90$/month.

Use Text: Dan wants to send invoice to his 10 clients. He created a Group in Contact. Then add contacts in Group. -> Text his Office Pay's URL to Group of 10 clients + a note. In a note, he writes the Amount, Invoice#, embed the Office Url link in Text -> A click Send Text to all 10 clients a one time.

2) Use Email: Dan wants to send invoice to his 10 clients. He created email with Office Pay link, such as, + message in email. Send to all 10 clients.
: Email lost in junk mail. Email Virus pretends like payment email. People curious open -> Get virus
or Hackers get in your computer.

Clients used Laptop/ Tablet/ Smartphone open email, click on Office Pay link -> Office Pay open in Laptop/ Tablet/ Smartphone -> Enter the Amount, Invoice# written in email -> Paid in Pay Pal.

=> After paid, Data of Office Pay saved in Net.Office Database to keep track payment.
=> In Office Database Left Menu = [Office Pay Menu]-> 1-Click get data: 
"- Find, Search, List all payments, inc: Date & Time, Amount, Invoice#, Sum Total Payments, ... had paid by John S." 

=> If some Clients needs in detail Invoice,
he will email them in detail Invoice in Word or pdf or Excel

- Example Text / Email message.
- Specify Invoice#, Amount, Office Pay link + Invoice Paper included.

- Use Office Pay Text or Email to many clients

Be careful: Email Virus pretends like payment email. People curious open -> Get virus or Hackers get in your computer

CASE STUDY 7):  Office Pay Onsite Service.

Dan onsite service get paid use Office Pay on his smart phone.
-> After done service, he opens Office Pay in smart phone -> Type data in field -> Handle his smart phone for client enter credit card and Pay.


- After done service -> Use Office Pay get paid now.

- Pay Rent
- Pay Food & Coffee


- Office Pay Pay Rent: Landlord Text Office Pay to Tenant's smart phone. Tenant touch on the link URL of Office Pay -> Paid -> Office Pay Print receipt & Email receipt to Tennant. Tenant can choose Pay Pal. 
Payment Analytics: Landlord & Tenants can check All History of Payment on Mobile.

- Office Pay Pay Food, Coffee:
In restaurant, coffee shop, after finished, the server brings bill. This customer opens Office Pay on her smart phone -> Paid  -> Print receipt at Counter -> -> Go. She doesn't need Go to Counter Tap Phone or Swipe Credit card.